Special Announcement:

Dare To Direct

The Chiller Channel as part of Direct TV and other services is currently considering airing Forever knight as part of their line up. We are recruiting all fans, family and friends to help add their names to our partition list. Additional items of great help are direct emails to chiller and letter writing.

Step 1: 

    Click here to Add you name to the petition


Step 2:

    Post on the Chiller Message boards.

Step 3:
Helpful fans
  Write a personal letter to the management of the Chiller Channel Chiller Viewer Relations
900 Sylvan Avenue
1 CNBC Plaza
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Step 4:

    Call the Chiller Channel VIEWER HOTLINE: 201-735-2445

Step 5:

    Get every one you know to do steps 1 to 5 over and over again.